About Go Simple 7


GO SIMPLE 7 was founded by a California attorney who has practiced bankruptcy law for 50 years. He has 5 offices that only do bankruptcy, little and big cases. He has successfully filed over 10,000 bankruptcies. He is still practicing in his 5 offices in California.

The staff of GO SIMPLE7 are all knowledgeable former employees of this attorney’s office. They cannot offer legal advice but can decline to prepare your papers if they see a problem in your case that requires a lawyer.

After screening, if there is a problem with your case, they will refer you to a bankruptcy attorney in your area. A full refund will be issued.

GO SIMPLE 7 is a California business that was established to file simple cases for an affordable cost. You can eliminate high interest credit card and medical bills.

The credit card companies are charging unreasonable interest so that consumers are trapped and enslaved by them. This is why this attorney started this debt relief business. Lawyers usually charge up to $3,000 for very simple Chapter 7 cases.

With bankruptcy you can fight back and totally eliminate your unsecured debts! Don’t make another payment to credit cards or medical bills!